Ten Things to Look for in a Dog Boarder

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 in Tips

Do you have a big vacation coming up? Or maybe just a weekend getaway planned? Sometimes, it’s not ideal to bring your canine companion along for the trek. And there may not be a family member close by to take your pet in. If you’re considering a boarding facility for your pet, there are several key things to consider before you book.

  1. Appearance
    What is your first impression when you pull up to the building? Does the facility look well-maintained? When you walk in, how does the lobby area look? A clean, fresh-smelling, and organized welcoming area says a lot about what you can expect throughout the facility.Ask to tour the kennels and play area. If the staff is hesitant to show you around, consider it a red flag. Are the kennels and play area tidy as well? In order to keep your pet healthy, it’s important that cleanliness is a top priority at any boarder you’re considering.
  2. Staff
    When you call in or visit, how do the staff respond? Do they seem friendly and caring? Are they happy to answer your questions? A positive and communicative staff is a great thing! You can be confident that if they treat you well that your pet will also be treated well during their stay.
  3. Training
    Don’t be afraid to ask what training employees receive at your boarder. While you’re away, the staff will be entirely responsible for your pet. It’s important that they be trained how to respond in emergency situations should your pet become hurt or ill. It’s equally important that they have a solid understanding of dog behavior and dog training should any issues arise with other dogs.
  4. Medications
    If your pet is currently taking any medications or needs special accommodations, be sure to be upfront about those needs. How responsive does the staff seem to be with these issues? Are there staff members on duty who are trained to administer medications? Your pet’s health is incredibly important, so don’t hesitate to ask.
  5. Vaccinations
    Are current vaccinations required of all pets before boarding? They should be! And everyone should be required to show proof of vaccinations in order to keep all pets healthy while boarding.
  6. Activities
    What activities are provided during your pet’s stay? Aside from providing a kennel, there should be scheduled time for outdoor play, feeding time, socializing with other dogs, and some human interaction as well to alleviate some away-from-home jitters.
  7. Feeding
    How often are pets fed? Does this schedule closely match your pet’s current feeding routine? If your pet needs a special diet, be sure to ask how the boarder can accommodate that need.
  8. Kennel Accommodations
    Often, floors in kenneling areas are concrete in order to keep surfaces as clean and hygienic as possible. Do the kennels have soft beds or cots for your pet to sleep on up off the floor? Sleeping on concrete is just as cold and uncomfortable for your pet as it would be for you or I.
  9. Health & Safety
    Ask about your potential boarder’s ventilation and security system to ensure your pet will be healthy and safe during their stay. Top notch kennels should have an excellent ventilation system to keep the air circulating and clean so your pet is breathing quality air. An ideal boarder will also have 24-hour monitoring that alerts the police, fire department, and staff of emergency situations such as break-ins, fire, and temperature fluctuations.
  10. Other Services
    Does the boarding facility provide other services? It’s very convenient to get your pet groomed or trained while boarding. There’s no need to transport your pet again and again when you can have multiple items checked off the list in one swoop!

Choosing a boarder is an important thing for your pet’s well-being and your peace-of-mind. Once you’ve considered all the questions to ask, it will help you relax and enjoy your time away.

Considering Golrusk dog boarding for your next getaway? Please call us with your questions or stop by for a personal tour. We’d love to show you why… at Golrusk, pets are family!