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Green Bay Dog Boarding and Kennel

Dog Boarding in Green BayQuality Care

Golrusk Pet Care Center takes pride in providing your pet with quality care in a clean, secure environment that is as stress free as possible. The safety and security of your pet is our primary concern, at Golrusk Pets are Family!



Green Bay Dog Kennel

 Green Bay Luxury Dog Accomodations Dog Grooming and Boarding

Golrusk Standard Dog Boarding Includes....

  • Individual units for each pet which are cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Secured individual outdoor exercise in a sheltered area.
  • Food and water bowls are supplied with your choice of premium pet food.  Feel free to bring food from home to keep to a consistent diet.
  • Outdoor exercise is provided every 3-4 hours for bathroom breaks and fresh air.
  • Medication disbursement.
  • A complimentary "Cuddle Me Bath" when your dog boards three nights or more (subject to condition of pet's coat).
  • Optional services available
  • Special Discounts & Offers For 1st Time Boarding Clients

Standard Dog Boarding Prices and Rates

Standard Kennel $22 per night
20% Off each additional pet


Check In & Check Out Policies  You are charged for the day your pet arrives.  If you pick up before 1pm or have your pet professionally groomed on his/her last day there is no charge for boarding on the last day.  

Vaccination Requirements  Vaccinations are required for the protection of your own pet's health and the health of other boarding pets. If your pet's vaccinations are not current, arrangements can be made to have these vaccinations administered and you will be responsible for any charges incurred, plus a service charge for transportation to the veterinarian. Bring your receipt or the vaccination record that is provided by your veterinarian. When you have your pet's vaccinations updated, be sure to bring the new record with you next time you board with us.   If you have any questions about attaining vaccination records, just call your veterinarian or Golrusk staff will be happy to help you.

DHLPP Distemper series - must be current according to veterinarians protocol
RABIES Must be current within one, two or three years depending on the vaccination your vet uses
BORDETELLA Must be current within one year. This is a protection from upper respiratory problems or Canine Cough

Luxury Dog Suite Boarding Includes....

Luxury Suite Boarding Rates
$35 per night
Includes All About Me & Yappy Hour
20% discount for each additional pet.

Bug Dog Boarding Suite in Green Bay  

Log Cabin Dog Boarding Suite in Green Bay

Packers Dog Boarding Suite in Green Bay

101 Dalmation Dog Boarding Suite in Green Bay

Bug Suite - "Bed & Biscuit Suite"

 Log Cabin - Northwood Suite

Packers - Linebacker Lounge

101 + 1 Dogs
101 Dalmatians Suite

Boarding Suite Overview

Golrusk Dog Boarding Area Golrusk Dog Boarding Suites Golrusk Dog Boarding Hallway

Golrusk Dog Boarding Suite

Firehouse Dog Boarding Suite in Green Bay

Disney Dog Boarding Suite in Green Bay

Nascar Dog Boarding Suite in Green Bay
    Firehouse Suite Disney Suite-100 Acre Woods  Indy - The Nascar Suite

Optional Dog Activities & Boarding Package Services

  • The "Bow Wow Package" Upgrade your pet's stay at Golrusk Pet Care Center. The Bow Wow package includes 2 All-About-Me playtimes, Yappy HourTreat Time & the Busy Bone. The cost is an additional $10 per day.
  • All-About-Me Time - Provides a chance for your pet to enjoy individualized attention with our staff. Your pet will participate in a variety of energizing activities. $4 per session.
  • Snuggle Time - Tranquil attention for your pet. Our staff will snuggle with your pet, read a story, take them for a leisurely stroll, and give a massage with the zoom groom.  $4 per session
  • Kuranda Brand Comfortable Raised Beds - $3 per day
  • Yappy Hour is a special cookie, from Two Paws Up Bakery delivered to their room. $1.50 per serving
  • Busy Bones is a Kong® Toy filled with our scrumptious, secret recipe that poses a suitable challenge to every pet. Each time the Busy Bone drops - it's a new game that no pet can resist! It's both a treat and a toy! $2/per day
  • Re-Do School while boarding your pet at Golrusk, this one-on-one training gives your dog a refresher course on skills initially learned in training class. Each session is fifteen minutes long and is conducted by one of our Obedience Training Instructors.  $10/session

Sweet Dreams Promotion
For 1st Time Clients - Schedule a mid-week Sweet Dreams stay at Golrusk and receive:

Toe nail trim
All-About-Me session
Yappy Hour
All at no charge!

You'll have sweet dreams knowing that your dog is comfortable at Golrusk Pet Care Center and you'll feel confident in your decision after you see how well they did!


Dog Kennel Testimonials at Golrusk

Dear Everyone at Golrusk,

Thank you so very much for the special and professional care you take with our girl SOPHIE.  The secure and confident feeling we have when she stays with you is " Priceless".

Rob & Nanci, parents to Sophie

Ralph and Lucy love it at Golrusk!!! Their staff is so friendly, kind and loving!  Our dogs are so happy after spending a day there!!! There is NO WHERE ELSE we'd leave them but Golrusk!!! They are the BEST!!!!!!

XOXOXOX to all of you.
Sally,  Mom of Ralph and Lucy

In the 10 months I have lived in Green Bay you have:

*welcomed me every time I walked through your doors

*made me feel like a prince in my suite when mommy and daddy were away and I was sad

*given me lots of hugs and love

*played with me at Fun Camp

*helped me make new friends when I didn't know anybody

*loved me even when I wore my Bears shirt and bandana (got to admit I looked dapper)

*gave me a great Birthday party with treats

* made me handsome again when I was smelly and needed a haircut

*taught me manners

*let me walk in a parade and be admired   (Ok, carried-can I help if I'm a klutz?)

*gave me lots of treats!!!!!

And most importantly, you appreciate me for who I am.  I love you all!! Happy Holidays!!!

Murphy and his Mom Denise