Private Dog Training

Sometimes a dog simply needs a little one-on-one attention, and sometimes an owner needs that too. Golrusk offers private sessions with Tina Norton in the comfort of your home or at Golrusk Pet Care Center in Green Bay. Our philosophy is to provide you with positive reinforcement tools to help communicate and build trust between you and your pet.

Often, the most difficult part of changing your dog’s behavior is knowing where to start.  The 30 minute Trainer/Pet Parent Consultation offered at Golrusk is an opportunity to discuss your dog’s behavior with our professional trainer.  During this time, we may give you training tips or design a training program to help you and your dog with behavioral changes. All private training classes begin with a Trainer/Pet Parent Consultation.

Trainer/Pet Parent Consultation: Session Length – 30 minutes.  Cost $30.00 per 30 minutes

 In-Home Private Training

Dogs can behave badly at home, and that is why in home training is so effective.  Golrusk in home private training sessions are designed around you and your pet.  It is an effective and convenient way to train your dog to be obedient in the environment they live in.  Your first training will be an evaluation of your pet’s behavior and some training.  Subsequent lessons will consist of customized practical and effective methods to train your pet.

Trainer/Pet Parent Consultation at Golrusk:   Session Length – 30 minutes.  Cost $30.00 per 30 minutes

Private In-Home Evaluation:  Session Length – 60 minutes.  Cost $90.00 per hour.  Mileage charge will be added for training outside the Green Bay metro area.

Private In-Home Non-Aggression and Basic Training Packages:  Packages will be designed with you during the Training Consultation or In-Home Evaluation.  Cost based on $90.00 per hour.


 One-on-One Private Training

If the traditional group training does not work with your schedule or you would like specialized training for your dog’s needs, Golrusk offers one-on-one private sessions at Golrusk Pet Care Center – East.  All one-on-one private training’s begin with a consultation to determine the best possible way to achieve the desired outcome of your dog’s training.

Trainer/Pet Parent Consultation:   Session Length – 30 minutes.  Cost $30.00 per 30 minutes

One-on-One Private Training at Golrusk:  Session Length will be determined at the Consultation.  Cost based on $75.00 per hour.

In-Kennel Training: This is an option for stay and train at Golrusk. While your pet boards with us, we will train on all basic obedience commands.  Training cost based on $75.00 per hour, plus boarding and additional activity fees.

Snippet Training

Does your dog just need to learn a command or two?  Or maybe just a refresher course?  Snippet Training is for you.  In just a snippet of time your dog can learn commands like Come, Leave It, Wait and Go to Mat.  While your dog is here for our Dog Day Care programs or Boarding Monday – Friday, we will introduce your dog to one or more of the commands.  We will provide you with feedback on how your dog did, and give you the tools so you can continue training at home.  Just mention Snippet Training when you make your dog’s reservation or when you drop off and we will get the process started for you.

Snippet Training:  Session Length 10 minutes per command.  Cost $10.00 per session.



Private Puppy or Adopted Dog Training

Did you get a new addition to your family recently?  Whether your new dog is a puppy or an adopted older dog, the Golrusk trainers will be happy to answer questions during the adjustment period.  Just give Golrusk a call to schedule a Consultation or In-Home Evaluation.


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