Dog Boarding

Your pet will always get quality care when you board with Golrusk! We take pride in providing your pet with quality care in a clean, secure environment that is as stress free as possible. The safety and security of your pet is our primary concern . . . at Golrusk, pets are family!

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Dog sitting on a chair

Golrusk Standard Dog Boarding Includes:

  • Individual units for each pet which are cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Secured individual outdoor exercise in a sheltered area.
  • Food and water bowls are supplied with your choice of  premium pet foods: Fromms Gold or Chicken Soup For The Soul.  If you would like to bring food from home to keep to a consistent diet, please bring the appropriate amount for feeding during your pet’s visit.
  • Outdoor exercise is provided every 3-4 hours for bathroom breaks.
  • Free of charge medication disbursement.
  • A complimentary “Cuddle Me Bath” when your dog boards three nights or more (subject to condition of pet’s coat).
  • No hassle Check-In & Check-Out.  We make it easy for you! You are charged for the day you bring your pet in.
    If you pick your pet up before 2:00 p.m. or have a scheduled grooming appointment for the day of check-out, you won’t be charged for the last day of boarding.  Golrusk does not groom on Sundays.


Standard Dog Boarding Rates:

Standard Kennel: $25 daily

20% off for each additional pet sharing a kennel

*Rates are subject to change without notice.

Luxury Dog Suite Boarding Includes:

  • All of the Standard Boarding amenities
  • All About Me Time once daily
  • Yappy Hour once daily
  • A complimentary “Cuddle Me Bath” when your dog boards three nights or more (subject to condition of pet’s coat).

Luxury Suite Boarding Rates:

Luxury Suite: $38 daily

Includes All About Me & Yappy Hour

20% off for each additional pet sharing a suite

*Rates are subject to change without notice.

Bow Wow! Package Includes:

The Bow Wow! Package is an upgrade to either Standard or Suite accommodations. The Bow Wow! Package includes:

  • Two All-About-Me Time Sessions
  • One Yappy Hour Treat Time
  • One Busy Bone (Peanut Butter Flavor)

Bow Wow! Package Upgrade:

Standard upgrade: $12.00 per day/per pet

Luxury Suite upgrade: $6.00 per day/per pet

Fresh Air Exchange and Comfort System:

Animal care and comfort are paramount to Golrusk, and because of this we have upgraded our heating and cooling system. Our new system continuously ventilates the building all day every day. The air in the kennel is replaced six times every hour. Our green ventilation system uses warm indoor air to heat the outdoor air coming in so not only are we providing a great environment for our animals, we are conserving energy as well. This new system also controls the humidity to ensure that the kennel remains comfortable through all of the varieties of Wisconsin weather. We love animals so when they are comfortable and happy, so are we!

Boarding Requirements:

  • Vaccination Requirements:  Vaccinations are required for the protection of your own pet’s health and the health of other boarding pets. If your pet’s vaccinations are not current, arrangements can be made to have these vaccinations administered and you will be responsible for any charges incurred, plus a service charge for transportation to the veterinarian. Bring your receipt or the vaccination record that is provided by your veterinarian. When you have your pet’s vaccinations updated, be sure to bring the new record with you next time you board with us.   If you have any questions about attaining vaccination records, just call your veterinarian or Golrusk staff will be happy to help you.
  • DHLPP Distemper series: Must be current according to veterinarians protocol
  • RABIES:  Must be current within one, two or three years depending on the vaccination your vet uses
  • BORDETELLA:  Must be current within one year.  This is a protection from upper respiratory problems or Canine Cough and for optimal protection should be administered prior to the pet’s visit to Golrusk.
  • Check In & Check Out Policies:  You are charged for the day your pet arrives.  If you pick up before 2:00 pm or have your pet professionally groomed on his/her last day there is no charge for boarding on the last day.