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In the Golrusk Pet Care Center’s Newsletter you will find informational tips for boarding, grooming, training and general pet care.  You can keep up with specials from our Golrusk Boutique and Invisible Fence Brand®.

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Current Issue

May 2018 Newsletter – Where will a dog’s nose take them?  Some noses will take a pet far away from home and Tina Du Bois writes about a dog’s curiosity for smell and what to do to keep them home.  We also spotlight a fun sport to do with your pet in Tina Norton’s interview with Andrea Gilson.


Past Issues

  • March 2018 Newsletter –  Spring is here and the dogs can’t wait to go to the parks.  Read about which parks you can bring your four-legged baby to and park etiquette.  Do you think your pet has allergies?  Find out by reading this issues article on the scratchy skin.
  • January 2018 Newsletter – Read about how our Puppy Social Class curriculum is different from traditional group training classes.  Also, check out a video on clipping toenails.
  • December 2017 Newsletter-  Tis The Season to get a puppy.  No need to wait for training classes to begin.  Learn about Golrusk’s puppy classes and open enrollment.
  • November 2017 Newsletter– What is your pet doing while you are busy preparing for the holidays?  Bridget from Golrusk West explains the type of dog coats and best grooming practices.
  • October 2017 Newsletter New at Golrusk!- Ultimate Dog Daycare is a pet enrichment program based on a daily schedule of activities.
  • August 2017 Newsletter – 10 Facts You Should Know About Training Service Dogs- A service dog performs a specific task for a person with a disability. Golrusk does not train service dogs, but every service dog must be well behaved. Our obedience classes will give every dog the potential to be well-behaved dog.
  • July 2017 Newsletter Dog Park Safety –  Read how to keep your pet safe at the dog park.  Read grooming tips in summer – To shave or not to shave certain breeds.  
  • June 2017 Newsletter Are You Prepared? – 8 ways to keep your pet safe during a tornado.
  • May 2017 Newsletter Sun and Fun at Golrusk – Ticks can be a problem, but do you know the best way to remove one from your pet?