Pet Boutique & Supplies

Golrusk has a wide variety of supplies for your dog or cat

in BOTH of our Green Bay locations. We carry beds, food, toys, treats, shampoo and many more items to keep your pet healthy, active and happy. There is always a friendly and knowledgeable staff member available to help you choose what’s best for your pet. Be sure to visit the boutique after your grooming appointment!


Terry Naturally provides holistic health for your dog with high quality supplements

We’re proud to be a supplier of Terry Naturally products – a local Green Bay, WI company!

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Delicious Doggy Treats

Golrusk carries a full line of dog treats including training treats, specially decorated cookies and cakes, and healthy snacks for your dog.

Recently we added a new, safe, rawhide chew alternative from Earth Animal to our line of healthy treats made in the USA.  These treats are made with natural proteins that have been rolled, cooked and dried in a unique process that makes them a good chew to keep your dogs and puppies active. Read More

Plush and squeaky toys.
Holiday themed toys.


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Golrusk Pet Product Boutique

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