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Golrusk Pet Care Center… where pets are family!

Golrusk compassionately delivers the highest standard of care for every pet and their parent.  Every Pet Parent feels our love for their pet.  Pets Are Family and we treat each pet like they are our own.

Our East and West Green Bay, Wisconsin locations make it convenient to get top-notch service for your dog or cat. We take pride in providing your pet with quality care and training in a clean, secure environment that is as stress-free as possible. The safety and security of your pet is our primary concern!

Caring for your Aging Pet

Your best friend is becoming your oldest friend. How do you compassionately care for your pet and live harmoniously together while your pet is aging? In this article, we offer six tips to implement in the care of your aging pet. Report changes in your pet to your veterinarian.  Many changes in behavior can be…

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How to Keep Pets Safe in Hot Weather

As the days get longer and the temperatures warm up, most of us spend a considerable amount of time outside. And, often, our pets are with us for all of the fun. In order to keep them safe this summer, here are some things to consider: Hydration: Just like us, our pets need to stay well-hydrated…

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Lost Dog? Not Here

Within a few minutes of opening Facebook, you are sure to find a lost dog post, or two. Why do dogs leave their home, the place that holds all the food, love and belly rubs that they could possibly want? There are a few reasons that dogs get lost. Adventure- Your dog’s curiosity will get the…

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