Cat Boarding

Kitties Love the Golrusk Cattery! Golrusk Pet Care Center is proud to offer the finest cattery in Green Bay.   All cattery suites have a view of the “Home Away From Home” living room setting.  A skylight for natural lighting, furniture, and carpeting enhance the peaceful, homelike atmosphere.

Cat Boarding includes individual units for each cat which are cleaned and disinfected daily. Each cat is provided with its own litter and litter box, food and water bowls, and your choice of premium pet food.  You are welcome to bring food from home to keep a consistent diet.

You have the choice of either our “Room With A View”, which has a glass back and overlooks our training room for a little entertainment, or our “Skylight Room”, which provides more privacy.


Boarding Rates

Room with View: $16 daily
Skylight Room: $14 daily
Multiple Pet Discounts: 20% off on second pet
Optional Feline All-About-me Time: $5/each time

No Hassle Check-In & Check-Out

You are charged for the day you bring your pet in.
If you pick your pet up before 1:00pm, you won’t be charged for that day.

Vaccination Requirements

FVRCP: Upper Respiratory – must be current according to veterinarians protocol.
RABIES: Must be current within one, two or three years depending on the vaccination your vet uses.

Vaccinations are required for the protection of your own pet’s health and the health of other pets being boarded. If your pet’s vaccinations are not current, arrangements can be made to have these vaccinations administered and you will be responsible for any charges incurred, plus a service charge for transportation to the veterinarian. Bring your receipt or the vaccination record that is provided by your veterinarian. When you have your pet’s vaccinations updated, be sure to bring the new record with you next time you board with us. If you have any questions about attaining vaccination records, just call your veterinarian or Golrusk staff will be happy to help you.