Obedience Training Classes

Basic Obedience 1: This dog training class is for all pups over six months of age. Trainers will be teaching owners and dogs to work together. We will be introducing lots of exercises to include: walking on a leash, coming when called, greeting people, as well as commands like, “Sit”, “Down”, “Stand”, “Go to Place”, “Steady”, and “No jumping” to ensure great canine behavior at home.

Basic Obedience 2: This dog training class is for pets over 6 months of age that have successfully completed Basic Obedience 1 before entering this class. This class will focus on refining what you and your dog have already learned (and also include some other fun stuff).

Dog receiving obedience training Dogs sitting on school desks for dog training

Golrusk Training Classes:

Golrusk dog training classes meet in Green Bay once a week for six weeks with a limited capacity of dogs.  All equipment may be purchased and properly fitted at the training center.  Class sizes are of limited capacity to guarantee that you and your dog will receive plenty of personal attention from our trainers.

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Training Class Rates:

Six week sessions: $115

*Rates are subject to change without notice.

Drop-In and Refresher Sessions:

Drop-In Refresher Sessions:  This dog training class is offered to any dog and owner team that has passed the Basic Obedience 2 Class. With this class you pay each week that you come. We work on what the group wants to work each week.

Practice Time:  Our large, air conditioned training area is available during the day for rental for individual practice time.

Drop-In and Refresher Rates:

Drop-In Refresher: $6 per session

Practice Time: $10 per person for 30 minutes

Snippet Training:

In just a snippet of time your dog will be introduced to an obedience command by a Golrusk trainer.  When you bring your dog in for Fun Camp, Day Care, or weekday Boarding, our training staff will spend time introducing your dog to a new command.  You will be provided with a report on how your dog did at the session and instructions on how to continue the training at home.

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Snippet Training Rates:

10-minute Session: $10 per command

Canine Good Citizen:

We offer the test for your dog to become a “Canine Good Citizen”.  Cost of the test is $10.00.  Additional training to prepare for the test can be scheduled at Golrusk.

Canine Good Citizen Rates:

Testing: $10

60 Minutes: $75

30 Minutes: $37.50

Attendance Requirements:

All shots including Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella must be current and proof of vaccinations is required. Please bring proof of these vaccinations. Puppies normally do not receive Rabies until four months of age.  We recommended that your dog come to class with a six-foot leather or nylon leash no chain or flexi leashes are allowed. Proper collars are leather or nylon flat buckle or a gentle leader.  Collars will be discussed in class.  Tennis shoes or soft-soled shoes are required, but only for pet owners!

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